10 Best Tourist Spots in Saillon

Saillon is a town in Switzerland that is vastly known for its tourist attractions and as a good place to go for vacation. Among the top tourist spots in Saillon are:


1) Les Bains de Saillon


This is a hotel that has been given great reviews for its amazing baby pools, saunas, hammams and other cool features such as the four thermal pools for adults, fitness areas and beauty salons. There is a river outside where families can hang out especially in the mornings when it is less crowded. There are jacuzzis that make the Les Bains experience memorable.


2) Via Farinetta


This amazing place in Saillon is made up of three sections. The via Farinetta is through a gorge that has a waterfall. There are some two sections also that requires tight roping in order to cross a Tyrolean bridge made of steel wire.


3) Passerelle a Farinet

This is a perfect tourist spot for those who are not afraid of heights. It is located a hike away from Saillon and can be easily accessed from the Ovronnaz road. There is an amazing pedestrian bridge that is said to have been built by the army.


4) Tour Bayart


This is another amazing tourist spot in Saillon that has free access. It is an ancient tower with an unguarded entrance from which one can access the staircase that leads to the top. It is a good site to view the valley and to watch the morning sunrise.


5) Vigne a Farinet


This is a rather unique and extraordinary spot. It is a fascinating vineyard above Saillon which provides a breathtaking view of the Rhone valley. It is a good spot to relax and meditate and also considered the smallest vineyard in the world. Here you can learn more about golden raisins vs regular raisins. 


6) Musee de la Fausse Monnaie


This small museum is one of the best tourist spots in Saillon. It has three floors: basement, ground floor and first floor. The basement preserves the life work of Farinet, the ground floor and the first floor is generally about counterfeit money. The museum opens from Wednesdays and Sundays between 2-5pm.


7) La Bardane


This is one spot every traveller/tourist should consider. It is at the heart of Saillon. This spot is specifically perfect for couples. The hospitality at this place, the meals well prepared especially breakfast are just something you will live to remember. The breathtaking view of the snow-capped Alps also makes you addicted to this spot.


8) The bath of Saillon


This spot is a public wellness centre. It has many pools, free saunas and a river. Even in cold weather, the thermal rivers give you the perfect place to be. Alone or with your family, this place gets you perfectly sorted. The staff there is well disciplined and very respectful,most specifically to visitors.


9) Cafe-Restaurant de la Poste


This is one of the best restaurants in Saillon. The prices here are average as compared to other joints in Saillon. What is most amazing is the meals they prepare; very unique swiss dishes. Most importantly you enjoy your meals under the platane-trees.


10) Nouvo Bourg


Finally, the Nouvo Bourg restaurant. This spot is one of a kind, especially for foodies. They have several dishes worth a try. The Ermitage white wine offered in company with the starter is just great. Many visitors have specifically talked about the juicy beef cooked at this restaurant. This spot will not disappoint you any time of the day you come here, maybe from a long day of hiking.